I recently became friends with a girl whom came into America illegally. Her story is like something out of a fictional book, but it’s real.

For the longest time I have always known that it is a difficult journey for immigrants to cross the United States border. I have read many articles, and seen media specials on TV. I have never known how truly hard that journey is and what life is like here in America for them.

I’ve never actually met someone who came into America illegally, raised kids and lived a life. I don’t even know where to begin. Just listening to her story from trying to escape the cartel after they murdered her father, to traveling through the desert. Having to pose with her brother as her husband so she wouldn’t be prostituted out by others. Then there is the life here in America full of domestic violence where her current “baby daddy” (another undocumented citizen) threatens her with deportation and that he would take her kids. I almost didn’t believe it (her stories), Until our other friends told her story and I saw the domestic violence that she struggled with first hand, and how terrified she is . calling the police because of deportation

How we treat people who come to our country “illegally” is shameful and despicable. Human beings pushed into almost slavery because they cannot “legally” become citizens in America, and they are fearful of deportation to a country where they will be murdered who’s and s government that’s seems to be full of corruption in on the brink of falling apart.

I am a bit disgusted that I am an American, that my country willingly voted a president into office that wanted to make it harder for people to get in to our country.

There’s so much that I wanted to say on this topic.
My friend is still here with her kids and family, but it does not seem like living much of a life.

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