I need advice (H4 aging out)

So I moved to the states when I was 10 so since 2012 I've resided here. I will be turning 21 in the year 2023 and I would like to know my options. I have a younger brother but he has somewhat a little more time than me, and the worst-case scenario is that our family does not get approved for a green card before I turn 21 leaving me out. My parents say that we are really close to getting our GC approved and I'm the only one of main concern. I'm a college student right now and I'm set to graduate in 2 years because I earned an associate's degree whilst I was in high school, so I will graduate before I turn 21. If I find work in America before I age out what will happen to my visa status? Or I could plan to get a job overseas instead and maybe move back to the states? Either way, I would prefer to stay in the states or move back eventually.

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