I (33F) plan on moving from US to Ireland to be with my bf in about a year. What are some things you've learned about finding work or obtaining a visa.

My plan is to save up enough reserves to either buy an apartment, or at least have a year worth of rent in case I can't find work right away. Right now, I'm in real estate and I don't imagine that's going to be a likely option for me there as I will not know the area, and won't be licensed there... I have 13+ years of experience bartending all over the world, so if I need to I can fall back on that. I also have my degree in architecture but haven't done anything with it... I wonder if I should spend the next year refreshing architecture to try and get a job as a tech? There are just so many unknowns of relocating to another country I don't know where to start. Should I take my car with me or sell it and keep the money? Ugh... Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

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