I (22 yr old Canadian) am wanting to move to the USA...

Talk about timing, I bought my first car last year, and have to finish paying it off before I am able to move to USA ($22k). I am very focused on that at the moment, but I have a couple questions for people on this sub who may have experience on moving from Canada to United States. Is the process hard or is it difficult to get into the country to live there? I know you need specific visas and there are quite a few so I am not sure which one would be best to go with. I would like to end up permanently living in the US, I am very unhappy with my life here, and where I plan on moving I have been a few times now and life is just a lot better there with the people I am surrounded with. Looking for advice to those who may have done this move previously or are in the midst of currently moving. All advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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