How Much Money Do I Need To Survive in NYC as an Eastern European Immigrant? How Quickly Can I Find a Job If (More in The Post). How Much Work Opens Up To Me if I Know Russian and Ukrainian Languages?

So, I am currently in Southeast Texas, small-medium sized town (100k people) and it's pretty bad. While the quality of life is much higher than my homeland (Ukraine), my relatives are emotionally abusive, I do not earn more than 600-700$ a month (retail job) and everyone refuses to even call me for an interview. I imagine this is because I am an immigrant with a Muslim name with no job experience or any notable skills.

Quickly about me: mid-twenties, mostly okay appearance except bad hair and tired look, very awkward in person and have mental health issues, no access to medicine or therapy.

My skills are being fluent in Russian and Ukrainian languages enough to do everything I may need (including live interpretation) but I do not have anything to prove this except my school transcripts and passport, I guess. Permanent resident of USA.

Associate's degree in Business Office Management (clerical work, admin. assistance, etc.).

I'm thinking about moving to New York because it has a large minority of Eastern Europeans, job ads which often list the need for Russian or Ukrainian speakers.

I'm worried because my resume had been declined all the time and I've been applying for work consistently in this city where I'm at now.

So, how much will I need?

I imagine I would have to rent a room with someone which is... not the best for my mental health but I have no choice, it seems. Apartments seem to cost 1500$+ ?

What kind of papers will they require of me to rent a room?

How quickly can I expect to find a job? Can I even find it there? Again, I'm very awkward which turns people off and at this moment, I don't think I can fix it. I cannot do manual labor jobs (I weigh 100 pounds and have health issues).

Overall, I just don't know if it's worth it to waste the money and try my luck there or just go back to my homeland...

And last but not least

How much can I expect to get paid on the jobs I can get? I'm trying to figure out if I can survive by myself there.

No manual labor, no job experience (aside from retail, less than a year). Associate degree suitable for clerical types of jobs, permanent residency and Russian and Ukrainian languages (+ English but not perfect knowledge of it, as you see) - that's all I have on my resume if I move there.

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