How long should you wait before re-entering US after a 6 month stay on a B1/B2 visa?

Hi all,

So my partner is in the US. I visited her in NY earlier this year from April - October. I’m heading to NY next year to study (I got admitted into Columbia university in NY for their MBA program).

However before I go to study next year on my student visa, I want to travel again to US. In fact, I want to travel in December as it’s my partners birthday and I want to go to NY for a month.

While I know technically multiple entry is allowed on the b1/b2 visa, will I face any issues with the immigration when I land in NY? Will I be asked what I was doing for 6 months in NY earlier this year and will they not let me enter the country because I’m coming back again pretty soon?

Pls share your insights, need your help!

Thank you.

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