How long can you renew your TN visa before it gets suspicious?

I hope to work and live in the US temporarily. At the moment, my loved ones are in Canada and I have NO plans of staying in the US forever, but I’m also open to the fact of possibly staying here for like 30 years if I get comfortable. I would like the option of staying in the US even though I do not intend to stay for the foreseeable future, especially not forever, just in case.

I think a TN visa would be best for me, however I’m not sure how long I could re-apply until it gets suspicious, and they assume I’m planning to stay in the US. I would like to work here for a minimum of 10-15 years without worry.

Im also fairly young. What if I fall in love with and marry an American? Would this harm my TN status or in the future when I file for an extension? What if I buy vacation property or regular property in the US? Would I be able to switch to an H1B visa fairly easily or would that be hard?

I also was not born in Canada. I came here as a toddler. I will have a bachelor of honours degree in accounting with a minor in economics, so my degree is also fairly basic and nothing special. No CPA yet.

I plan to travel back and forth between canada and the US for holidays and to see my family, would that be proof enough I do not intend to stay?

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