How Frequently Do you Have to Check the US Embassy in London Site to Get an Earlier B1/B2 Appointment?

I was hoping to go for my Masters graduation ceremony in April 2022 in the US, with my brother and mother. Whilst me and my brother have managed to get the ESTA Visa Waiver, as my mum has traveled once to Iraq over the past 10 years, so she needs to get a B1/B2 visa.

Looking on the US Embassy site the earliest appointment we were able to get was for May 2022. I've been trying to check every few weeks to see if earlier appointments are opening up for my mum's application but there seemed to be only ones available for November 2022 in London!

Hopefully with the travel ban lifted there will be more appointments available, however I wasn't sure how often I'd need to check to hopefully move this to before the ceremony (ideally for Jan/Feb 2022) and if others have had luck with checking frequently?

Also wasn't sure if others had, had luck with emailing the embassy on moving their appointments forwards?

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