How best to prepare a "timeline" for trying to immigrate to the US on an H1b visa?

Hi. I am a graduate student in France. I will be graduating in August. I've dreamt of living and working in the US for years (I've already done an exchange year there). Now I am looking into immigrating there on an H1b visa after graduation.

I've researched how this type of visa works; I know I need to find a sponsor etc. One conundrum I've run into is this: to do all of that, especially by a specific date, it is obviously necessary to start searching well in advance. However, I presume that employers are generally looking for workers who are ready to begin work shortly, even accounting for the immigration process.

So if I find a potential sponsor in, say, March, how would I get around the fact that I would not actually be free to begin the job until at least 4 months later? Are there sponsors who are willing to wait this long? Or do I have no choice but to start searching until shortly before my graduation?

Would anyone with similar experience be willing to lend me some advice on how to prepare H1b visa immigration time-wise; when to start searching, how to discuss my situation with potential sponsors etc?

For further context: my background is in political science/public administration, but since I realize my qualifications may not be directly transferable to the US (at least, not at first), I would be willing to accept any job that requires a college degree and pays reasonably well. I could then hopefully move towards job more in line with my education after a few years of working in the US.

Thanks in advance.

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