Help please…

Long story short…. Now that Australias borders have risen from the Covid lockdown. My girlfriend of two years that I met online is coming to visit via the Visa Waiver program. She intends to become a US Citizen and eventually be able to work here and move in with me and my family and eventually get our own place and experience the American dream together. It’s been a plan since after our first year together.

I work, I have money and the Visa waiver program makes her eligible for her to stay here for up to 90 days. I’m assuming with proof of her arrival and return ticket, that shouldn’t be a problem. She would be staying in my home, not a hotel so that’s not a financial problem.

My big question is while she’s on the Visa Waiver Program, is she also eligible to apply for the US Non Immigrant Visa during her stay, and be going back and forth throughout the season of the year while it’s being processed/processing in working everything out as far as work, where we’ll be living for the time while she’ll be working here once it’s available. We have it so easy with my family offering to support both of us financially and to give us walls to sleep in every night.

How hard is this going to be?

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