Has anyone ever encountered issues with entering Mexico with a soon to expire passport?

Hi, US citizen here, and I'm planning on traveling to Mexico City for a week early Dec. My passport expires in January.

Mexico, officially, only requires your passport to be valid for the duration of stay, even if it's soon to expire. But I've also seen on some unofficial travel websites that Mexican immigration "might" deny you entry. But from the 2 people I know who were in my situation, they both traveled to Mexico without a problem. So has anyone ever had trouble entering Mexico with a passport that expires in less than 2 months? I plan on only being there for less than a week, so my trip is still well within the range of my validity dates.

I plan on crossing the US-MX border by land via the CBX bridge to Tijuana Airport, and taking domestic flights only within Mexico. So airline restrictions on passport validity shouldn't apply here.

Unfortunately, it seems like passport renewal before my trip is not an option, as it's backlogged due to covid.

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