H1B (re)stamping in Germany

Hi everyone, does anyone have information about H1B visa processing in Germany?

I'm currently in the US, on my 4th year on H1B (2nd employer). My H1B visa expired earlier this year and I'd like to get another one to be able to travel internationally. Originally from Germany.

I was under the impression that US consulates in Germany had resumed processing visa applications now that the travel ban is lifted, so I filled out the DS 160 and paid the relevant fees through US travel docs. However, when I get to the part of the application where I would actually select an appointment date, the webpage keeps saying that there are no appointments available (in either of the 3 posts in Germany). Customer support has not been very helpful. Are the just not processing H1B visas? Or are they adding appointment slots once a day and they are always gone already when I happen to check? It's been almost 2 weeks. I know several people that were able to get J1s no problem even during the travel ban...

I'm also considering going to another country, does anyone have experience with that? Especially one that would let me work remotely for my US employer for a week or two.

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