Filing my own AOS through marriage


I would like to do the AOS application packet myself. I'm several months away from being able to apply (waiting for my husband to get his citizenship), so at this point I just want to research it before I decide if I am capable of doing it myself. A while back, I skimmed through some of the applications, and I think I can do it myself (so far).

A bit about myself: I am currently on DACA (I've done all the applications for DACA myself). I overstayed my tourist visa as child, and accrued several years of unlawful presence before I got DACA. I have a clean criminal record, only came into the US once through an airport on a tourist visa and just stayed here ever since. I also worked with fake ssn and GC but with my name and I filed taxes every year before I got DACA. I was advised by an immigration attorney to wait for my husband's citizenship because otherwise I would need to do consular processing and that would be very lengthy and troublesome.

So here are my questions:

  1. Do AOS applications packets always be sent by mail or can I do my application online?
  2. Does my previous unlawful presence affect my application to the point where I really should go with a lawyer? or submit anything else that wouldn't be part of a basic application?
  3. I don't need to submit Supplement A I-485, right?
  4. I see that the main forms are I-130 and I-485, that can be submitted concurrently. and then forms I-864, I-693 need to be included as well. Is that all the USCIS forms that go in the packet? Am I missing anything? ( I know that there is a ton of supporting documentation needs to be included, but at this point I'm jut wondering about USCIS FORMS.

Lastly, I was wondering if anyone had any good resources to share to help me along? I remember a redditor posted an extremely thorough checklist of everything he prepared, much better than anything else I've found on google but can't find it again. I'm wondering if anybody has something like this.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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