F1 Visa Renewal in Canada

Hello everyone,

Here is my situation:

I got my first F1 visa in May of 2017 in Brazil (my home country)

I started studying English for 3 quarters, and after that I started my associates degree classes. Since I always took my summer's off (vacations quarters) I will be graduating with my Associates degree in late March 2022, after that I should be getting OPT for at least one year, and then get back to school to get my Bachelors.

My current F1 stamp expired in May 2021. I would like to renew it, because my grandmother will be having a heart surgery, and if something happens to her, I want to be able to go visit her without stress and come back to the U.S to finish my studies.

Since I live in Seattle, I am planning to get the renewal stamp in Vancouver/Canada.

I am apprehensive for the following reasons:

After 3 years as an international student, last year I got married here in Seattle to a DACA holder, and four months ago I gave birth to my first daughter (so she is an U.S citizen). None of these events made any difference in my studies, when I got married last year I was in my summer vacation, and when I gave birth this year I was also in my summer vacation.

My husband is an Italian/Brazilian citizen, we don't plan to stay here more than 5 years, we plan to go to Europe after I fully graduate and have some work experience in the U.S.

I am afraid they will deny it and I won’t be able to return to the USA to my daughter, and my


In my passport I still remain Single, as I am unable to register my marriage in Brazil unless I am personally present in Brazil, so my docs will remain the same.

What do you guys think? Any recent experiences? Thank you!

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