F1 Visa extended STEM OPT has ended, but work authorization will take another 6 months. What options does one have in the meantime?

This person is in the process of acquiring an employer sponsored green card via change of status from an F1 student visa. They were able to remain on the payroll after finishing school due to the major being a STEM subject which allowed for an extended OPT period. However, that period is coming to an end, and while they are able to stay in the US legally it will still take another 6 months or so for the work authorization to finish processing. This means they can't legally be on an company's payroll, as far as I know.

Are they any legal ways for this person to make a living during those 6 months? The employer is offering a variety of sketchy workarounds (under the table, putting somebody else on the payroll just for appearances, sending money to the employer's family in their home country, etc). Obviously something legal would be preferable.

Also, if I'm misunderstanding the process of F1 / opt / work authorization / green card, any corrections would be much appreciated.

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