Employee with L1B visa moving to USA

I’ve got an employee who is moving to USA for first time under L1B visa with young family. The process to get the visa has been arduous due to constant changes in rules during COVID lockdowns, so I’d like to make his transition to USA as smooth as possible now that the employee is able to actually move. So the L1B visas are stamped in their passports and they’re coming in Q1.

Few questions.

  1. Any checklist or important tips out there? I know the employee needs to get driver’s license, apply for SSN, get a bank and credit card all basically ASAP. They’re going to need to buy two cars pretty quickly and I know they can likely pay for half in cash or something and so I feel like they should be fine to get a loan on the rest to help build some credit. I’m a little fuzzy on some of the order of operations here, but I’m guessing it will all work itself out. Any tips to avoid a frustrating experience would be appreciated.

  2. I’m waiting to ask my company’s legal service until the family has settled in for a few months, but it seems like the employee can basically apply for a EB-2 green card under national interest waiver darn near immediately with no mandatory waiting period. Seems like it’s better to do this sooner rather than later. Any reason I shouldn’t push for sponsorship or whatever to kick off this process say 6 months after they move here?

  3. How difficult is it to build credit as a foreign immigrant?

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