DS-5535 (Administrative Processing) for 20 months for a B2 visa - any suggestions/similar experiences?

Hi r/immigration

I applied for a B2 US Visa in January 2020. In the interview, the visa officer said that he was unable to issue a visa because the system had flagged me for administrative processing. I was handed the DS 5535 form and asked to fill it out and send back to an email address.

Given my long travel history and the excruciating details required in the form (every single travel for 15 years!), it took me roughly two weeks to fill this out and I submitted it in early February.

Since then, I have been waiting with no word on how/when the process might conclude.

For context, I work for a fairly large US-based company and would generally need to travel to the US fairly often. The requirement was not super pressing due to Covid but I am in real need to travel this quarter and I have no idea when I will be able to.

Anyone with similar experiences? If so, any tips to expedite this. I wrote to the embassy recently and they said it is still in administrative processing.

Honestly, at this point, this is having a detrimental affect on my career :(

Not sure if this should matter but I am based in Netherlands, but South-Asian.

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