Do I have to leave the United States?

In December 2019 I got a 10 year permanent bar/Inadmissable to the US against me. My question is, I never received an NTA letter since my denial. Since we are planning on leaving the States and maybe coming back in 10 years, does it hurt me to not leave voluntarily? All the attorneys I have spoke to have given me different answers since my case is so complicated.

The letter states this:

You did not apply for a waiver of your inadmissibility under INA 212a9bv. Also, you cannot apply for consent to reapply under INA 212a9cii while you are in the United States. You are not qualified to adjust status and therefore USCIS Denies your for I485. See INA 212a9b, 212 a9CiI and 245a2

The evidence of record shows that when you filed your application you were present in the United States contrary to law.

You are not authorized to remain the United States. If you do not intend to file a motion or appeal on this decision and fail to depart the United States within 33 days of the date of this letter, USCIS may issue you a Notice To Appear and commence removal proceedings against you with the immigration court. This may result in your being removed from the United States and found Ineligible for a future visa or other US IMMIGRAITON BENEFIT. See sections 237a and 212a9 of the INA.

You may not appeal this decision.


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