Do i have a case for EB1a?

Qualifications : MBBS with a masters MD

Not from india or china and no major backlog for my country.

Pubs: 50+, most are first author, several in top ten journals of the fields

Citations: 500+, should double by next year's end.

Media mention : Several, one interview in a big US media outlet on one of my articles

However, currently in my home country, so that rules out the possibility of getting EAD or anything such. But I have some research contacts who can offer me a J1 spot to join their projects, and then later file for a waiver if i want to pursue EB1a route. Ideally i wanted h1b but thats not an option on the table right now.

If i dont file for j1, what would be the current wait for the gc once my eb1a petition is accepted (via premium processing)

if i file for j1 and then get my waiver etc, then how much shorter is the process?


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