Complex situation

Howdy yall.

I am in a complex situation and wanted to know your thoughts about this I had lost my F1 student status last March coz i could not complete my degree after applying for RCL and I had to do an extra semester. Since then i had graduated and dicussed this situation with my DSO. She advised me to apply for both the reinstatement and opt at the same time. And since i had no status she could not provide an opt I20. She provided the reinstatement I20 and a letter saying why the uni could not provide an opt I20(coz i have no status).

I did what she said and applied for both with the reinstatement I20 and the letter. Now i got a RFE from the USCIS asking for an opt I20. But the uni cannot give me one coz i had graduated in august and ive crossed the 60 day grace period. The deadline to reply for the RFE is around January 2022. I an unsure weather i should start packing or if there is anything could be done.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas . It would be of great help. Thanks

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