Chances of USA B2 Visa Denial For New Canadian Resident

I'm a French Citizen with a French passport. I need to apply for a B2 visa for the USA as I visited a country that makes me ineligible for an ESTA / VWP. I only want to go on vacation for a week or so occasionally, I don't need the 6 month validity etc.

I've travelled a lot, and i have been to the us before twice (once was a 24 layover and the other was a 2 week vacation - on a previous ESTA, which was valid at the time). Never overstayed anywhere.

I have just become a Canadian Permanent Resident in the past few months (but have lived here since Late 2019), so I am not sure how this will impact the "significant ties" thing.

In Canada I Have

  • My common law partner
  • Tax Returns / Payslips
  • Bank accounts / Credit cards etc
  • Utility bills (but no lease agreement, partner owns house)
  • Mortgage pre approval for buying a house with my partner
  • Flight school enrolment / proof (I am learning to fly a plane as a hobby)

In France I Have

  • All other family (brother, parents, grandparents)
  • Two businesses i own (both are online, they have no physical presence)

What are my chances of getting denied / approved based on significant ties based on this information? Any advice for me?

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