Canadian citizen with Job offer in US working on TN Visa

Good afternoon everyone,

Looking for some advice here. I am a Canadian citizen and have been offered a job in US. Being a Canadian citizen, I can apply for a TN1 Visa to legally work in the United States. I would greatly appreciate if anyone can shed some light on the following questions I have;

1- I have a principal residence in Canada in joint name with my elderly parents who currently live with me in this house. Can I still keep it and let my parents who are also on title use the house? Will there be any tax implications regarding this?

2- I have maxed out my rrsp and tsfa accounts and currently generate dividend income in both these accounts. How would I approach my rrsp and tfsa accounts before I can start this job and move to US? I researched online and found info that I can keep my rrsp but will have to close my tfsa account as US doesn’t have anything matching this. All gains in the rrsp accounts will be taxable in the states.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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