Can the U.S embassy help me get a visa appointment?

So I’m a U.S citizen currently in Portugal finishing my studies and plan to be here for at least a year and a half. I wasn’t able to apply for a long term student visa on time while in the u.s so I had to enter PT as a tourist and now have to transfer my status to a student resident within 90 days. Problem is, appointments at PT’s immigration offices are impossible to get and if I don’t get one at the end of January then ofc I’ll have to go back to the usa.

I explained this to a friend today and they told me to go to the u.s embassy in Lisbon and tell me them my situation and then they can help me get an appointment. Is this actually possible? I’ve never heard of it being done and can’t seem to find any answers online so if anybody has done this before or simply knows wether it’s possible or not please let me know!

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