Boyfriend (25) denied entry into USA

Hey all, my bf was denied entry into the US in Feb. 2020. He was supposed to help his grandma and escort her there and was going to stay until the quarantine and hotel act in Canada was lifted. He told the border agent he was staying with his aunt, escorting his grandma and all of the above ( because he had no return date ) but was denied because he mentioned he was going to help his aunt out with work when he was there also ( with no work permit )

The provided him with a guideline of what to bring next time he tries to enter but my question is… will they let him back in or what are the chances they will- I am trying to take him on a birthday trip in a month and Im afraid to book or confirm anything and lose the money cause the plans I have are a little pricey. I know no one can really confirm but has anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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