AP travel with further pending AP flying...

I'm married to my USC husband but have accrued 180 days of overstay before I applied for Adjustment of Status (i485)... I've rescheduled my interview twice due to Covid (Dec + January) and on my case status for i130 it says

" On January 26, 2021Case Was Updated To Show That No One Appeared for In-Person Processing"

However on my i485 case it states

"Interview Was Rescheduled

On January 27, 2021, we rescheduled an interview for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status"

I reached out to USCIS who said it's just automated and the interview is still rescheduled and basically I have to wait again which is fair enough?

I have a EAD + AP combo card which is now expired I guess like many others and now after applying again for new ones I have a valid AP paper form document (i512L) but I've recently applied for a new AP as this one expires in May, what happens if I fly out the country and they were to deny my new AP application? Will that affect my current valid AP and getting back into the country?

I guess in conclusion ; isit safe to fly with those things going on and my pending i485 and interview waiting to be rescheduled, I am meant to fly out on Wednesday

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