Anyone have experience with DS-5535

My fiancée is a Syrian national and she was given from DS-5535 after the conclusion of her interview with the embassy in her GCC country of residence. She has nothing on her record, and I am assuming this was issued due to her being from Syria. She works in the medical field and has a long history of a steady job in her country of residence. I, myself, am a U.S. service member. Our records are squeaky clean and we have dated for over a year prior to applying for our K visa. The evidence that our relationship is legitimate is blatantly obvious and neither she nor I have anything to hide. They have her passport and she was told she would be given her visa after the vetting from the DS-5535. My question is, from your experience how long did this process take? What advice can you give? She has none of her immediate family living in Syria, they all live in the GCC. Thank you!

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