Any way of Expediting naturalization

Hello everyone,

I wanted to reach out for help as I am quickly running out of options to get my wife in the United States.

I am legal permanent resident and I have filed for my naturalization at the beginning of this year.

I have been married since 2017 and this is when I put an application for spousal visa. I now understand that I should have done a fiancé visa and married her within a certain time. Now she has been in the process since 2017. She was documentarily approved by NVC since 2019.

She is a doctor who wishes to take United States medical license exam to practice medicine according to American health care standards, however she currently lives alone and she does not have family to support her. She is unable to study for the exam. As more time goes on, the more difficult it will be for her to take the exam and to explain to the medical committee why she hasn’t given the exam sooner after graduating medical school.

My anxiety and mental health have taken a beating from being separated from my wife for so long. I am seeing a psychiatrist for this reason. I appealed to Tim Kaine’s and Bob goods office to help me expedite my case. I expect NVC will tell me that her case is in line for an interview and we will need to wait. They have done this to us in the past.

My next option is to try to expedite my naturalization case so that I can make a status change in her immigration case. U.S. Citizens are priory right now. Is there anyway I can expedite my naturalization paperwork/case?

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