Am I really wasting my time?

Ok, I entered the country illegally almost 14 years ago, got caught couple times before I finally made it. I am married to a US citizen, we are a same sex couple which I feel it would be an issue for some reason anyway, We started some paper work with an attorney he ordered fbi background checks and a driving without a license came back on it and an issue I had back in my country of birth(I was young and dumb my friend convinced me to get a credit card with someone else’s name on it ended up in jail for one week paid the amount due from the credit card and was exonerated from charges but it still came up on the fbi check) but besides that I don’t have any other issues. Honestly after that came back I didn’t even called the attorney back, I thought things from your country won’t even appear on so I’m obviously sad and disappointed. Another detail is that one of my friends that was in that whole legal issue came to the country on a visa and he already has a permanent resident card so that gives me hope, but honestly I’m devastated and I don’t think I’ll go with the process anymore.

What would you recommend?

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