Advice needed, experience wanted, all opinions welcomed, please help this 25 years old to stay in the US (or not)

I am currently 25 years old. My 401K (traditional) currently has 10k, my Roth IRA currently has 6k, my savings/emergency account is 17k. I have recently taken an offer for a 100k salary job living in Manhattan, NYC as a software engineer at a startup (I'm not good enough for big tech). I am also from an East Asian country (that doesn't qualify for the Diversity visa), currently on STEM OPT (graduated with bachelors in 2020) and have 2 (or 3) lottery chances left for the H1B visa. I have a girlfriend living with me in NYC, also came from the same country, and is in love with the city and want to stay here as long as possible (personal reason)(she's on her own STEM OPT but is adamant she will do masters and have financial backing for that). I would like to achieve that wish if possible.

Obviously the dream path is as followed:

  1. Win the H1B lottery (~40% not happening)
  2. H1B application approved
  3. Get employer to sponsor employer-based green card (EB3)

But since the above is fraud, I'm seeing the following options if win H1B lottery fails and hope people could input their advice or experiences:

  1. Save up for a Master degree at a school in NYC. I don't exactly know which masters to take because I already have a bachelor in CS. I've also just beginning to do research on this path and it seems expensive (50k/year?)
  2. Save up for a Master degree for schooling in Canada (cheaper than US?). Then get through that immigration door because it seems easier and saner. (convince gf)
  3. Give up and go back to my home country and let life takes me there. (convince gf)



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