What will happen if I'm unemployed while my STEM OPT is pending?

Okay, a little background information. I'm currently on my Initial OPT which expires on July 6th, 2021. I applied for STEM through company A back in April 2021. I also have the receipt notice. My problem is, I'll have to leave company A soon and before my STEM can get approved. I do already have another employment lined up which starts on June 21st, 2021 (so potentially before my Initial OPT expiry date). My question here is, I won't get the necessary documents from this new employer until after June 21st so what will happen to my current STEM application if I'm unemployed for roughly two weeks?

Also, side note: there's no possibility of staying at company A till I get my documents from the new employer AND there's no possibility of getting the documents from the new employer before June 21st.

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