What should I do if it's been close to a year working remotely outside USA with F1 OPT STEM Extension visa? Is it possible to come back to USA?

I have a really important question for foreigners that have H1B or F1 visa and have stayed outside USA for a long time. Also any advice from people working in TSA or legal professions would be very appreciated

So my current situation is that I'm working at a company in America under F1 OPT STEM Extension. I have been working remotely since March 2020 due to covid. I flew out of USA to Korea in the beginning of August 2020 due to increasing covid concerns and have continued working remotely. I had not notified my employer because I didn't expect that covid would go on for so long and thought I would return pretty soon. I also did not know what the details were about staying outside USA and thought I should be fine since I have to work from home anyways. And as it got delayed, I got worried about what I should do and thought I should do research first before doing anything. That was when I found out that I could be in trouble since I've already been outside USA for more than 3 months. I figured there had to be some different rules due to us being in a pandemic but most information were speculative and not clear. So I waited for even longer to find information. And then my mother was in a health critical condition and I couldn't leave her for a few months as well, especially since getting care for her would be more difficult and dangerous due to the pandemic.

So that leaves me to now where it's getting close to a year since I left USA without notifying my employer. I am still working remotely.

What should I do in this situation? Could there be a way to get back in to America? I would greatly appreciate any advice

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