Very Nervous About the CR1 Process

I’m an 18 year old US citizen who plans to marry and immigrate my 18 year old girlfriend from Ukraine. In October, I will visit Ukraine and we will get married.

I have researched plenty about the process, and it all seems very complicated and nerve racking, for I don’t have anybody experienced to help me. Luckily I will have my mother file as a joint sponsor because I did not file taxes this last year. I am nervous about missing some documents or making an error when writing, scanning, or submitting them.

I have a good amount of money saved up for the various fees that we will encounter, but I suppose I just want somebody experienced to help walk me through the process. It’s a lot to ask, saying there are services or lawyers to hire for this sort of thing, but ideally I would like to cut expenses to ensure that I can provide this girl a wonderful life.

In summary, I’m asking for tips or guidance that I could not find during my research. Somebody who has been through the process and can help me understand every possibility. I have plenty of other details if required or inquired. Thanks.

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