US's unfair country wise quota for PR for skilled immigrants

Isn't the country wise quota for GC unfair to skilled immigrants?

On one hand the very reason why there exists a greater inflow of skilled immigration from certain countries is because the supply of those necessary skilled are not found elsewhere. US is tremendously benefitting from those skills, otherwise those immigrants won't be there in US on the first place. On the other, those immigrants who are providing those necessary skills are going through most amount of hassles and harassment compared to immigrants coming from countries with relatively low numbers ( 35 years to get a GC. No way to plan your life on a long term basis. Kids, pets, long-term investment in properties - i.e. everything which are important in life needs to be reevaluated over and over again)🤷‍♂️

This is like discriminating an individual (who has the same skills as any other) just because he is from certain countries? It's like telling more the benefit A gets from B, lesser would A give in return to B. How is this a just and fair system? And this is happening for so long in the greatest country in the world?!

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