US F-1 visa renewal "refused"

Hello everyone,

I did my BA, MS, and currently doing my PhD in the US (finished my 1st year). I'm visiting home rn, and I applied for a renewal as it was expiring this summer. Due to covid, I wasn't required to do an interview and just sent out my documents. My ds-160 status is currently "refused," and I couldn't really get any answers through the phone. They just told me that the status could change or I would just need to wait for my documents to be back if it's denied. I'm really really freaking out. I have a 1-year apt lease and left my car at the airport. IDK why on earth they'd reject my visa in the middle of my PhD, but this is the 1st time I applied without a sponsor (my school covers all my expenses). I can't help but think that they just denied my visa because I no longer spend my own money. My master's and PhD have been/are supported through fellowship/stipend, but the last time I applied for a visa, I was an undergrad and my dad was my sponsor. I've been there for a long time so it's possible that they think that I'm just trying to be get a GC/citizenship, but I mean if that was the case, I would've just do that in the past 8 years lol

Please LMK if you had a similar experience or witnessed something similar; I'm desperate for some information!

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