Typo in job start date in approved PERM

I have an approved PERM and EB2 I-140 (from 2012). My Priority Date became current in EB3 recently, so my company filed a concurrent EB3 downgrade and AOS. We filed for premium processing once the downgrade EB3 I-140 receipt was generated. We have since received a RFE 😣. It’s a routine RFE requesting Employment Verification Letters (EVL) (which I would have thought they already had). In any case, while preparing the response, my lawyers told me that the start date for my last job on the approved PERM and my EVL is off by a few days. I didn’t think this would have been an issue considering it’s only a few days and that too straddling a National holiday. But as part of the RFE response, along with the EVLs, my company lawyers want to submit an affidavit stating that the date on the PERM was a typo, and that the start date on my EVL is correct (and that there are no other changes to the PERM). I’m wary that all this would bring even more attention to the start date error, which might otherwise not have been a big issue - and as a worst case may result in the approved PERM being reviewed again and reversed(!). I might be overthinking it, but after many false starts, and waiting a really, really long time to get this close, I just don’t want to jeopardize anything!

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