Traveling on F-1 visa while waiting for Immigrate visa interview

Hey all,

I have a pretty interesting case. I have traveled to the US with my parents on 2016 for a month ( had a b1/b2, first time going to the US ) then me and my eldest sister applied for a F-1 visa back in 2018, we both got it and are studying in the the US.

My dad has applied for a EB-5 which got the initial approval in May 2020. We have traveled back in August 2020 because of consular processing would be faster than adjustment of status (it wasn’t lol). But covid really messed things up and its now June 2021 and we are kinda in our final stages but we might not make it in time to join college in August.

I was wondering if it would be okay for us to travel to the US on F-1 visa this August considering we have been away for a year and we have an “immigrant intent” now after submitting our DS-260 and all.

We have no interest in staying illegally or applying for adjustment of status etc. Just don’t want to miss an extra semester of college and once we get our interview appointment we would travel back and do it.

We have flown to the US many times (like 4) since my dad applied for the EB-5 with no issues. But I’m scared of the now clear immigrant intent might put us in trouble.


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