Travel to India

Hello. I was recently given a conditional GC and I want to travel to India (Calcutta being my final destination) for about 10 days. Other than ensuring I have a negative test when I board the flight here, undergo the mandatory rapid test once I reach New Delhi, are there any other surprises I should be aware of? If all my tests come back negative, will I be allowed to continue to another state after I reach New Delhi? My biggest concern is returning. I know I need a negative test when I board the flight from India, but would I need a stamp on my passport from the US Consulate there? (I saw some people being stuck in India because Consulates are closed and getting passport stamped seems to be a hassle). By no means, do I need to return for an emergency, but I’d really like to visit for about ten days. If anyone has successfully gone and returned, or if you have any advice or thoughts to share, please do so. Thank you so much!

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