TN Visa Support Letter

Hi everyone,

I'm a Canadian citizen who is going to be starting work soon for a US company. They're a startup, so I am trying to prep the TN support letter for them, as they don't have a big team of lawyers or anything yet.

From what I understand, my case should be pretty straightforward. I have a B.Eng. in Software Engineering, and am taking a job at a startup with Engineer in the job title.

I've already arranged to have my official diploma, transcripts, resume, and job offer letter. Now, the only thing I need to prepare is the TN support letter.

I found some templates online for the support letter, but I was curious if there was any sort of standard template for Software Engineers. The versions I found online were more related to university positions

I want to make sure that the letter is worded so that I can get the visa for the maximum duration (3 years), and that it specifies valid job duties. Can I specify a date range for the role that is exactly 3 years?

Would appreciate any guidance or sample letters that anyone has. I want to make the process at the border as smooth as possible, so I want to make sure that my support letter contains everything required.

Thanks in advance!

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