TN Visa Pre-approval - How far in advance to cross the border?

Hi, I am a Canadian citizen who is looking to move to the US to start my job (start date near end of July). I received a TN pre-approval notice I-797 from the premium processing that my company's lawyer has filed. My understanding is that with the pre-approval I can cross the border from a Canadian POE with this notice in hand, supporting documents, and my Canadian passport, and not having to do the TN interview.

Does anyone know how far in advance of my pre-approval / work start date I can cross the border on this TN? This is because I need to complete a few pre-employment checks well in advance of my start date, i.e., at least 3 weeks prior so I need to go on ~July 1 to sort things out and move, etc. I hear that for TNs one can only move 10 days before the actual start date though? or does my situation not apply since I've already been pre-approved?

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