Hello everyone,

I am a recent college grad (on an F-1 Visa) and through an internship I completed while in college I received a full time offer and luckily I was selected in the H1-B lottery so my companies lawyers are currently filling my H1-B petition but I understand that it will not be complete until some time in October.

My anticipated start date is some time early August so ideally I would have some form of work authorization to bridge the gap. I am a Canadian citizen in a STEM field and believe I may qualify for a TN visa however my lawyers have advised that there is a chance it may fail but I am just curious to know if me applying for a TN visa now to bridge the gap between work start date and officially obtaining the H1-B visa could interfere with the H1-B visa process? Is it a risk to even attempt applying for the TN visa?

To summarize question: Is it possible to be apply and be on a TN (For a few months) while waiting for H1-B to process

I hope that made sense, thanks.

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