TN Management Consultant Denied

Hey guys, so I've been reading through some of the threads regarding TN visa here, and I never thought that I would go through a horrible experience yesterday at the land border.

My role is a Consultant at a pretty recognizable management consulting firm. My responsibilities is related to finance since I'm in the corporate finance segment. The officer immediately made a conclusion saying that I'm a financial analyst, and me working as a Consultant at a Management Consulting firm does not make me a Management Consultant.

I asked about the typical candidate that are approved for Management Consultant, he said that those were individual contractors, and are usually very high up.

I'm new here, so not sure if this is the way I post my question, if anyone who had similar experiences, or worked at Management Consulting companies on a TN visa, what was your experience at a land border, and any thing I should be aware off after being denied once? Thanks!

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