Thinking of applying for a US Tourist Visa (B-2). Do I have the right qualifications?

I (21F) am planning on visiting a friend I met online who is from Hawaii. We have known each other since last April 2020 and hope to meet irl by the end of this year (though I think that may depend on the restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic). However, I am not quite sure if I have the right qualifications in applying for a US Tourist Visa (B-2).

Here is my description:

  • I am a Filipino citizen living in the Philippines.
  • I am a college student in my 4th Year, taking BS Business Administration (Major in Marketing). I have been working on a group thesis that is expected to be completed by next year (2022), and my classmates depend on my contribution.
  • I've been working as a part-time ESL tutor since January 2021, however my salary is very low. I also work for my mother's small online business (est. June 2020), which is registered under her name. She depends on me to make content for our social media accounts, advertising, assisting customers, and executing orders. However, there isn't an official contract of employment between us. I also plan on applying for an internship soon. Will that help strengthen my ties to the Philippines?
  • I do not own any properties like a car/house/lot. The balance in my bank account is less than USD 1,000.00
  • Purpose of my trip: Sightseeing and visiting my online friend.
  • Duration of my trip: 5 days
  • My friend is offering to pay for my flight. We both agreed that I stay at his house instead of a hotel/rental place.
  • Since I'm on a tight budget, I don't plan on going to any expensive places. I'm fine settling for fast-food or any cheap alternatives that'll help me save money on this trip. I don't plan on doing a shopping spree, I really just want to go sight seeing and hang out with my friend.
  • Travel history:
    • Taiwan (been there twice)
    • Las Vegas (Stayed there for about 10 years, but as an immigrant and minor. My family and I were eventually removed and given a 10 year ban from reentering the US. It has already been past 10 years now, so I am assuming the ban has been lifted and I can apply for a US Tourist Visa properly as an adult now. However, I am aware that this may raise a red flag at the embassy.)

With these given factors, what are my chances of acquiring a US Tourist Visa? What are some tips I can get to improve any areas I may be lacking when applying for it?

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