SSN Process: SAVE has returned your case to Maryland SSA

I've applied for a social security card in person at the Brooklyn office about two months ago. Nothing in the mail so I contacted the SSA office. The agent told me that there are no documents scanned, which is very odd but assigned another appointment date for me to reapply for a new one in about two weeks (July).

Two days ago, there was an SSA verification check on my SAVE CaseCheck account. It says "SAVE has returned your case to Maryland - Social Security Administration, SSA". Does anyone know what it means? Does it mean the case is approved or declined?

I called the Brooklyn SSA office today and another agent says there are no documents found. Does the Maryland office send documents back to Brooklyn and will take a few days to show up in the SSA system? Should I still show up for my appointment and ask about the status again before reapplying for a new application?

Please share your experiences or recommendations on the situation. Thank you.

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