Spouse visa with US husband and french wife living in Canada

Hi everyone,

Just found this forum and decided to write and hope to get some answers or just a bit of support as I receive when I read all of your posts.

I received the confirmation of the NVC on Jan 20, 2021. They said they will contact me within 3 months to schedule an interview at the US Consulate in Montreal.

Now it is over 5months, and 8 months I didn't see my husband because of the Covid. So after this complicated year, I decided to quit Montreal, and go join him for the summer and hoping that they'll contact me as soon as possible so I can go back to Montreal to do the Interview and medical exam..

I have a job in USA waiting for the visa as well, it is been 2 years now that we started the process and of course, the last months are probably the worst especially with the pandemic.

I know, no one of you has the answer nut just reading your experience gives me so much hope!

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