Sponsoring family member who has tourist visa

My mother and my dad have been separated for almost 17 years. However, they are still married in the US. My mom is American born, and I am too. She finally decided to start the citizenship process for my father. She started it about 10 years ago, however for personal reason she halted. My father is from west Africa.

We were wondering if it’s best to start is green card process here in west Africa (my mom and I are currently here for a month) or do a status of change. He has a tourist visa to the usa, and come almost every year. He has a bank account and he is on our lease in the US.

We want the fastest route. We will love if it would take less than a year. I was thinking to do it here since we are already here and it’s best to start ASAP.

He will probably coming to the us with us next month for 2 weeks. I am not sure if it’s legal to start the change of status process in the US. If we are able to do it, can he go back home since he has a job?

Also my mom wants to sponsor her mom(she is in west africa) too. She also has a tourist visa and will be coming to the us in two month for a month stay. Is it best to petition in west africa or do a status change when she comes to the US?

Thank you for reading this.

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