Someone with pending application that has a “Temporary” Real-ID compliant Driver’ License can travel to PR and Hawaii?

I asked TSA on Twitter and they give me a general response: “An interim or temporary driver’s license isn't accepted at our airport security checkpoints. For a list of valid IDs, pls visit:”

Online it says that temporary driver’s licenses are paper. Mine is not on paper. Mine is even Real-ID compliant and has the star on the corner. It’s in plastic and has my picture, it looks like a normal license but it says Temporary at the top, it’s valid until next year.

I have 2 friends that have the same license type as me and they were able to go to PR without issued. Can you tell me your experience? I wanna go on my honeymoon but don’t have GC yet or interview scheduled so I don’t want to risk it if they ask me for proof of citizenship or legal residence.

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