Should I be worried about losing B1/B2 visa after spouse files for CR1? A friend say there's a 50/50 chance my B1/B2 may be cancelled if I try to re-enter the USA while CR1 is in limbo.

Bio: I have B1/B2 visa valid for 8 more years. Married in March 2021 in USA. I flew back to Europe in May 2021 from USA. Spouse wants to petition for CR1 but I was informed that once this happens, and I try to re-enter the USA (for holidays/vacation) to see my husband again, that USA Customs/Border Patrol may or will cancel my tourist B1/B2 under the reason that since a CR1 was already filed, I might just try to stay in the USA indefinitely to be with spouse and do AOS. Also, when I filed my B1/B2 I had income over a decade, but since marrying my husband, I am now a student with no income so if the B1/B2 was cancelled, I don't think I'd requalify for another B1/B2 if the CR1 doesn't go through. .

I have spoken to my husband about perhaps me entering the USA and then going for AOS instead. But he says he thinks CR1 will work - but not sure on how long it will take depending on which national processing center receives the case. Some of the centers are about 13-15 months, and one or two are like a 20-30 month wait. But I said if we just do AOS, we could wait until March 2022 (next year) for him to move to Texas because the wait for AOS in Texas is much shorter (like 15 months) than say Florida or New York (where he currently resides and is like a 20-36 month wait).

The big issue with CR1 is that you don't know which center will take the file and the wait can be say 13-36 months. My spouse, on the other hand, states that AOS can take 2-3 years of processing time depending on the state, but it seems AOS is guaranteed.

What are your folks thoughts?

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