S221(g) Visa Refusal

s221(g) Refusal - No Live Trace

I am in the process of applying for my F1 visa. I was arrested when I was 16 and received a youth reprimand and now my ACRO check shows no live trace.

I previously had a J1 visa and had no issues. I had my interview explained to the interviewer my arrest history and there was no issues. My visa was issued.

I had my F1 visa interview and was refused under s221(g). The interviewer said that it was because my ACRO check showed No Live Trace and they couldn't take my word for it on the VCU(1) form that I completed. Despite her acknowledging the fact that it was the exact same thing I had said previously at my J1 interview and the information was confirmed.

She informed me that I had to contact ACRO and have them release my information to the US Embassy. I immediately after my interview contacted ACRO to have the information released and it was literally a 5 minute conversation. She told me to then email the embassy to inform them that I had requested the release of information and to wait to receive further information.

I don't understand why on this occasion it was denied? Does anyone have any advice on whether it will be worth now going for another interview?

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