🇬🇧 Resident marrying an American, in America

Hey everyone, my fiancé plans on traveling to the states next month in order for us to officially close the long distance gap of three years and get married. She’ll be moving to the states full time this winter. I’m American born and raised, and she’s British. I was planning on her and her family just traveling here (once travel restrictions are lifted in the near future) and then having a super low key ceremony and then going and getting married legally. We’d have our official wedding in the UK this upcoming October or November.

Is it fine if she just arrives to the states on a normal visitor visa? (She’s British, meaning she’s visa waiver qualified and she just walks into the US with ease) we get married at our local courthouse, and then I start the fiancé visa process for her to officially move here this winter? Any idea how long the fiancé visa process can take for a British national as well?

Let me know yours thoughts

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