Question about getting U.S. work visas approved at the border [Canadian]

My spouse (Canadian citizen) is planning to apply for a L1 visa once her 1 continuous year requirement at work is satisfied. I had two questions I was hoping someone could please answer:

  • Is it correct that as a Canadian she does not have to submit an application through USCIS and then attend a consulate interview? In this case, would she just bring her documentation to a land border/port of entry and make her case to the CBP officer?

  • If you get a visa approved at the border, are you allowed to just turn around and come back to Canada? Or do you need to spend some time in the U.S. first (even just a few hours)? I ask because we might want to go to the border solely for the visa processing when it is lower stakes rather than driving there with a U-Haul truck.

Thank you!

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